In-Store Shipping Services

Pick up, drop off or ship at your convenience with over 18,000 locations and 40,000 Humber Express drop boxes nationwide. Our products and services vary by location type. Get in the know to find the solution that fits your lifestyle.

Humber Office

Choose from over 1,800 locations, offering packing and domestic and international shipping services. Conveniently hold packages for pickup at our locations. Get printing services for posters, presentations and more.

Humber Ship Center

Ship domestic or international packages with Humber Ground and Humber Express, including some approved dangerous goods. Drop off Humber Ground@packages, hold your Humber Express package for pickup. Get later cutoff times for Humber Express shipments.

Humber Authorized Ship Center

Explore our Packaging Help Hub to learn everything you need to know about packaging – from the basics to tips on shipping specialty items.

Humber Office can pack almost anything

Some items can seem difficult to pack, but at Humber Office, we can easily pack just about anything you need to ship. See our list of common items here.

How Humber Office packs items for shipping

The pros at Humber Office only use the best packing materials to help ensure your item avoids any damage while in transit. Check out the packing process.

How to ship electronics

Your aunt visited last week and left her tablet, so she needs you to send it back to her. How do you make sure her tablet arrives safe and sound? Contact Us or Use the live chat Messenger. Also all Electronics require Compulsory Refundable Insurance Coverage.

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