We protect both the Seller and the Buyer

Many buyers have run into difficulties with sellers not honoring a full or portions of their purchase agreement, especially after the money has been paid!. This occurs when the buyer pays for an item and the seller fails to deliver it, or it is delivered and it’s not in the condition as stated. A second scenario occurs when a seller sends an item to the buyer hoping to receive funds on deliverance and ends up not receiving the money, whereas the buyer already has the item. Payments across states and international borders can cause many problems, and sorting out the mess can be a major and costly headache for buyers across the globe. Thus Finex uses its widespread network of branches to resolve all of these issues. Read more to understand how we operate.

What is an escrow service?

Escrow is a defined process whereby a buyer puts money into the custody of a trusted third party (Humber) with a guarantee that funds are available for payment to the seller after a specified set of conditions has been met ( Purchased Item delivered to Buyer)

How does our Escrow Service Work?

It’s very simple. The Buyer or seller notify’s Humber Escrow Service. When the Seller delivers the package to Humber as agreed, the Buyer is notified. The buyer is then expected to transfer an amount equivalent to the agreed sum to Humber. Humber takes charge to deliver the purchased Item to the Buyer, and when the item is delivered, the Seller receives full payment for the item.

Steps to follow by Seller

Notify Humber

You can notify Humber through call, or mail to schedule a pickup of the item from your home or Office, or Bring the Item to the Agency.

Register the Package for Delivery

Once your item is received by Humber, it is registered and made ready for delivery to the address of the buyer, after confirming your terms of agreement with the buyer, as well as buyer’s address.

Register the Package for Delivery

Once your item is received by Finex, it is registered and made ready for delivery to the address of the buyer, after confirming your terms of agreement with the buyer, as well as buyer’s address.

Steps to follow by Seller

Confirm Transaction with Seller

You will be contacted by one of our agents upon request by you or seller. Once you confirm your Transaction with the seller, your package is Registered for delivery.

Pay for Item to Finex Escrow Service

You will have to transfer funds for the registered item. The amount transferred is totally dependent on your agreement with the seller and does not concern Humber. Depending on your agreement with the seller, you could be charged for the shipping fee, else the seller takes care of it.

Wait for Delivery

Once you pay for the Item, you will be provided with your tracking number, so that you can monitor your package in transit. once you receive your package and confirm its in good state as agreed with the seller, then you will have to notify us, confirming satisfactory receipt of package so that funds can then be released to the seller as intended.

What are the benefits of using an Finex Escrow Service?

  • Sellers are protected against bad checks, non-sufficient funds, scams, fraud.
  • The escrow service especially useful for purchases across states.
  • Added security for both parties. Minimizes the likelihood of a dispute.
  • Escrow Service ensures that money is paid to the seller only after the purchased Item is delivered to the buyer.
  • Buyers are able to inspect the delivered item, before the payment to the seller is finalized.
  • Buyers have the right to get a refund or re-negotiate a sales price if inspection comes back unsatisfactory.
  • Escrow takes the worry out of buying from unknown sellers.
  • No need to send personal information to an unfamiliar party.

What happens if a dispute arises?

A dispute is very unlikely. When escrow is applied, the process keeps buyer and seller from getting into a dispute.

What are your escrow fees?

When the purchased item is being shipped by Humber, there are no charges for our Escrow Service. All the buyer or seller has to do is notify Humber about the deal and the seller brings the item to Humber or schedules a pickup by a Humber agent from his location. Using an escrow is worth the peace of mind of knowing your transaction will be secure and your money protected.

Use the live chat messenger below (bottom-right), to contact us through any available Online customer support agents and they will guide you through the process of using our Escrow Service, and how to pay for your package(Buyer) and or where to bring your package to (Seller) for delivery to the buyer.

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